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The Randolph County Health Department offers a wide variety of physicals for everyone from infants to adults. Whether you’re looking to get your child examined before enrolling them in preschool or hoping to get a physical for yourself for work, we have the resources to help.

See below to learn more about Randolph County Health Department’s physicals services.

Daycare Physicals

If your child needs a physical exam before being admitted to their daycare or preschool, please contact our health clinic to schedule an appointment. We offer an age-appropriate head to toe examination.

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are a common requirement for anybody participating in an organized sport. These types of physicals look at a number of issues to help determine whether it’s safe for you or your child to participate in the sport of your choice. That’s because high-intensity workouts can cause injury or worsen a pre-existing condition. Plus, if you’re not in good physical shape starting out, your coach might need to make changes to the program to give your body time to adjust.

Work Physicals

More and more companies are now requiring pre-employment exams from potential employees. Some of these exams have to do with the nature of the job. For example, workers might be examined to confirm they are in good form and can perform jobs that are physically demanding.

These exams not only protect the employee from work injuries but also protect the company against work-related lawsuits for injuries that could have been prevented had the employee been in a good physical condition in the first place.

If you or a member of your family needs a daycare, sports or work physical, visit our Walk-In Clinic in Moberly or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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